Where to find a man

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Before and during college

There are no end of places to meet men. For people who are still in school, college classes are a natural way for people of the opposite sex to meet, work and talk together. Take the initiative and set up study sections that will naturally attract people who are inclined to concentrate on a similar topic, get good grades and meet people at the same time! There are also many extracurricular activities one can join, from volunteer work to hobbyist clubs. Moreover, the social spots off-campus near a college are usually full of young people.

After college

For those of you who are working now, meeting men will take more effort. Not least because people tend to live independently in homes far from work and from each other. Unless you are lucky to live in a large metropolitan area with a high density downtown, meeting people will require a little planning and observation.

At work

Meeting people at work is one of the natural places where people are put into proximity for extended periods. Don’t restrict your social circle to people in your immediate department or office. Take the effort to attend office parties or events to make connections. Each connection you make can lead to more connections. Speak with people of the same sex also, who can further your contacts with men.

Learn something while meeting men

Another place you can consider meeting men is the local adult learning center or extension school. Taking a cooking class or a language class can be a perfect way to get to know people who share similar interests. It’s almost like going back to a school environment, but with a greater dose of responsibility and maturity. Others who are taking adult education classes may be thinking to meet men or women. But these are legitimate and excellent reasons to want to make connections and broaden relationships all the while learning something new.

Over a drink

Meeting men at bars is a less certain proposition. The local bar may have high quality men, but it can also attract men who are more interested in drinking than conversation. Each bar will have its own personality. So pick a bar carefully that you think will bring in the right clientele that you’re willing to date! For example a sports bar may not be your idea of great fun since it gets a little wild and chaotic during games. A more upscale bar inside a downtown hotel or near a restaurant may be more your type of location.

At the gym

For people who like to keep fit, going to the gym is a great place to meet men. You may think that working out in a gym is a lonely affair, but gyms also conduct fitness classes like yoga or group aerobic training. Going to one of these is a good way to share common interests with strangers. It’ll give you and the other person something to talk about, for example the crazy aerobics coach who seems to have no limit to energy.

Create opportunities

There are a limitless number of places to meet men. At the local public library, while traveling on trains or planes, taking salsa lessons. In addition, you can extend your presence online to the many online dating agencies. You need to create your own opportunity and take action.

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