Secrets to improving your appearance

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The vitality of skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is responsible for not only keeping you hydrated, but it expels wastes and cools your body via sweat when the temperature gets too high. To keep your skin in tip top condition, avoid exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. The benefit of a tan is short term appearance of improved health due entirely to increased melanin production in the skin. But in the long term, skin becomes damaged. Sometimes the damage doesn’t show up for years. In addition, excessive ultraviolet light exposure and sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.


To care for your skin, use a moisturizer on the parts that get dry easily. Keeping your skin smooth can be helped by using gentle exfoliators, such as a cosmetic face scrub. You can use skin care products that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These compounds, in low doses, act as exfoliants that loosen the top layer of cells in your skin. This promotes shedding of old skin and reveals the underlying, smoother, newer skin. As with any skin care product, make sure you speak to a dermatologist to assess safety. Even over-the-counter products should be used with caution.

Scent of an attracting woman

Coco Chanel is reputed to have said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” The behemoth of an industry that manufactures scents for both girls and guys must have understood her well. This industry understands that men are intoxicated by scent. This industry also knows that a negative smell has a tremendous negative impact on guys and girls engaged in courtship, or perhaps any other social activity.

Fragrance evokes strong emotions in men

Scent is also one of the major senses which can evoke very strong emotional associations. This is why there is so much money poured into buying perfumes, eau de toilettes, and cosmetic products with enhanced scents. Like with your clothing, it is wise to invest in a small repetoire of scents that you can rotate for maximizing effects and preventing any one from becoming too blase. Laurice Rahme, an industry expert from Lancome, said “We are all working people, we want different fragrances because you want a different wardrobe for what you are doing. You don’t dress the same way if you are going jogging or going to work.”

The three scents in any good perfume

There is no need to spend money on the top scents. Research shows that it is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between a very expensive perfume and a less expensive one that smells pleasant. But it is important to stay away from the very cheapest. A good perfume will have three scents that develop in succession over time. The first noticeable scent is known as the top note and is immediately discernible. The middle note is detectable within an hour. And the final, the dry down, is the long term scent that develops after an hour of contact with the wearer’s body. Good perfumes possess the triple scent because of essential oils that interact with the skin.

Conserve your scent power

Because scent is such a powerful evoker of memories, use your perfumes to your advantage. Use them less liberally when you are not in your flirting mood. Pay extra attention to the scent you use when you are flirting.