How to seduce a man

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Eyes are the secret weapons of seduction

Men pay close attention to how women are looking at them. This is a biological fact which can be turned into an advantage for women who seek to understand how to seduce a man. Unlike many animals, our eyes are mostly white with only dark coloration in the iris which lies in the center of the eye. Because of the white and dark coloration in our eyes, it is easy for others to see what we are looking at or what direction in which we are looking. By extension, it is easy for us to convey our thoughts or intentions by where or how we are using our eyes. Women who want to seduce a man must begin with using their eyes. Many people are not be aware of it, but the eyes convey a tremendous amount of emotion and intention to other people. Mistakes in how you control your eyes due to inexperience can send the wrong signals and hurt your chances at flirting. Knowing how to attract a man with your eyes takes practice.

Tips for seduction through your eyes

Given that our eyes are a possible means of communication, what is the role of proper eye contact in our daily social interactions? In some cultures, eye contact is seen to be threatening or overly forward, but in Western culture, it’s important to look at someone in the eyes during conversation. This is even more vital when you are flirting and forms the basis for how to seduce a man. But an unflinching stare is not appropriate either. Research shows that maintaining eye contact about 60-70% of the time is optimal. So look at a man in his eyes, but turn away and look past him or toward the surroundings every once in a while to keep your gaze natural. Do not look downward, as this indicates a lack of confidence and can be off-putting. Likewise, people who look upward and away can be seen as overly insolent or rude. Also, keep a steady gaze as opposed to one that flits around. Eyes which shift rapidly can signal disinterest, for example your conversational partner may think that you are looking for or seeking to talk to someone else.

How to seduce a man with your eyes

What can girls do with their eyes to enhance their flirting? Plenty it turns out. Before contact has even been achieved, a girl can use her eyes to attract a man. By focusing her gaze on a man in a room full of people, she can signal to him that she has noticed him amongst all these people. This is all made possible by the whites of our eyes. As before, this gaze directed as what is a stranger should be long enough to stand out, but not so long that it becomes creepy or strange. If the gaze is too short, then the man may not notice it at all or may think that the girl is simply sweeping her eyes across the room. If the gaze is too long, What else can a woman do to seduce a man with her eyes? She can flutter her eyelashes when she is listening or speaking to the man. Blinking, fluttering, are very subtle but extremely effective ways to make the man aware of her intentions.

Continue to pay attention to your eyes

After rapport has been established, a girl needs to continue to pay attention to how she uses her eyes in order to understand how to seduce a man. When speaking to the man, she should consider widening her eyes and eyebrows to communicate more effectively that she is interested in the man.

Eyes and cosmetics: beautifying your eyes

A girl should also pay cosmetic attention to her eyes for seducing and flirting. Since the eyes are such an important communication tool, it is no surprise that a girl should ensure that her eyes are well-maintained to seduce a man. The eyebrows should be trimmed by careful waxing or removal with tweezers. Professional help should be sought for at least the initial eye brow reshaping. Bags under the eyes should also be treated with smoothening or exfoliating cream. Crowsfeet that develop near the corners of the eyes can make the eyes look more tired and the girl older. If this is not desired, a skin treatment can help smooth out the wrinkles.

A true smile is in the eyes

Finally, the girl should be aware how the eyes play a role in smiling. Paul Ekman, the UCSF pschologist who pioneered the usage of microexpressions to study emotional states, trains his students in recognizing smiles by the wrinkling of the outer corner of the eye during a true smile. A false smile lacks these microwrinkles, which can tip off a man that the smile is not genuine. Keep this in mind so that you can go for a true laugh of smile, rather than a forced one that can be detected through the eyes. Go forward and show everyone how to seduce a man!

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