How to Attract Attention

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Bring attention to yourself to maximize contact

In any social situation, before contact has been initiated, you will need to bring attention to yourself in such a way as to maximize the chances for contact. Have you ever been at a party and noticed that there are people (perhaps yourself) whom everyone seems to want to avoid? At the same party there are people who are the life and center of attention. It’s not always just a function of attractiveness. Whether you are the center of periphery of attention depends more on the personality you project outward. Controlling your use of space is one of the important but unacknowledged flirting tips for women.

Your confident posture attracts attention

Your presence in the room, whether it is an office or an afterhours social, should be exemplified by confident posture. This means your head is held high with shoulders pulled back and your back straight. Your gaze should be steady, unflinching from eye contact. In fact, you should seek out and maintain eye contact for brief periods. Stay away from dark corners of the party or the bar. This is where people can’t find you. Even if they could, they wouldn’t want to stand there because it feels uncomfortable, hidden, and away from the excitement.

Position yourself in full view

The same goes for standing behind columns in the room, or behind doors or plants. Anything that blocks your view of others and the view of you from others is a deterrent to effective attraction. If you are in one of these spots, you’re also not engaged in the social activity. People want to feel connected to the life of the party. Put yourself near groups of people with confidence. As long as your confidence is built up, you should be able to tolerate these potentially awkward situations.

Use nonverbal tools

Since contact has yet to be initiated, you will need to use all your nonverbal tools to get things started. Eyes have been discussed as one of the ways to attract attention from men. The way your gaze goes around the room and rests briefly on your target, as he is watching, can be used very effectively to signal your interest. Meeting his gaze is a way to invite him to come talk to you. Vary this up a bit. The second time around, smile also to enhance the intrigue.

Create openings

If you are surrounded by a group of people deep in conversation already, and you want to signal your interest, you can use the position of your body to create an opening or conduit. Practice how to attract a man next time you are at a big indoor social gathering. Turn your body sideways away from the group and point your feet out to indicate a possibility of breaking away from the group. This can precede your facial nonverbal communication.

Adjust to the situation

Be dynamic in the way you attract attention. By this it means that you should adjust your tactics as your surroundings change. If the party is becoming too energetic, to the point where you can barely see anything or hear anything, detach yourself and go somewhere where communication becomes possible again. If the crowd starts shifting into different rooms, or away from a spot, move with the crowd to maintain your presence so others can see you. Don’t be left in a dark spot or corner where you’ll get ignored again.

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