How to Attract a Man

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How to Attract a Man

Hi, my name is Nicole Dean. I put together this site to share my experiences. My site is dedicated to women who are learning about relationships, flirting, how to attract men and dating men.


Hi, thanks for coming to my website!

I’ve been in the dating business a long time. By that I mean I’ve been going on dates, learning to flirt, chat, dating men. I think no woman in modern times can avoid this courtship process.

Please take the time to check out the material I’ve put together. Some of it is psychology. Some of it is fashion.

In my journey to learning about how to attract men, I want to impart one really sensible fact. No, it’s not a tip that will change the way you interact with men. Rather, it’s that knowing how to attract a man is not a natural skill. But it can be learned. And the seed for that knowledge? I think it’s already within you!

I feel strongly about this because I went through the same process. In my early 20s, I was desperately searching for a man and wanted to know how to attract a man. True, I had the basics covered. I dressed well. I had a good job. I had good friends and coworkers through whom to meet men. I even joined several dating sites (there are so many now!) I went on dates, not a lot, but enough to feel very stressed and dissatisfied all the same time. Why?

Because things were not working out. Either I wasn’t meeting the right kind of men, or they thought I wasn’t the right kind of woman, or I didn’t know how to attract men. Sometimes they didn’t call back. Sometimes the relationship transitioned into a friend stage before romance had any chance of happening. Sometimes things got so awkward that we both just wanted to end the date immediately. Sometimes I couldn’t get the guy to be interested at all.

I thought there was something wrong with me. My self-esteem suffered. I thought surely I’d be alone for the rest of my life. But like you, I did the right thing: by taking the initiative. This is such an important step because it signifies the first step of a long journey. So what I did do?

I tried to understand why nothing was working out. I asked family (when it wasn’t too embarassing) and friends (the ones I trusted). I read women’s magazines. Then I went online. Do you know what I found?

Pretty much a lot of junk (there were a few helpful forums, blogs, where people relayed genuine information). Largely, on the whole there was useless, even harmful information. But there was two small rays of shining light. I found two very useful pieces of work I found by two excellent authors. In fact, they complement each other.

Before I tell you about these resources, first keep in mind that the most important thing is not only learning about men, but learning about yourself first. Because the seed of knowledge is inside you. So consider these books supplements and aides for learning. The real lesson is understanding yourself, and understanding how to convert your new found knowledge into something that works for you as an individual. In fact, don’t expect that reading these resources will change things over night – you’re still going to have to put in a lot of hard word to get to your goals.

The first resource I want to bring up is a book by the experienced and licensed relationship counselor Bob Grant. The best thing I found about Bob Grant is that he has a level headedand principled approach. Whether it’s about finding a boyfriend or husband, or maintaining a healthy marriage, Bob Grant offers a unified way of thinking about yourself and the men in your life. It’s not a haphazard collection of tips and tricks. It’s a comprehensive perpective. Bob Grant’s book is titled Bob Grant’s The Woman Men Adore … and Never Want to Leave and can be obtained by clicking here

The second resource I want to bring up is a guide on attracting men. It’s by the relationship expert Mimi Tanner. She offers a unique, opinionated way of thinking about men and how to best interact with them. If you were searching for a practical guide, then this book is it. If Bob Grant’s book gives you a strategy, then Mimi Tanner’s book gives you the tactics. Mimi Tanner’s book is titled How to Flirt with Men and can be found here.

The best thing about these resources is that you can try them out risk-free. They’re also sold through a trusted vendor that’s been in the online publishing business for over 12 years with a secure transaction guarantee to protect your privacy.

I wish you the best on this journey. For me the best thing to happen is if you can find a man and never have to come back to this site again. But until then, consider us sisters in arms, learning together and teaching each other about something that will impact the rest of our lives.