How to attract a man at work

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Common way for men and women to meet

Office colleagues are one of the most common ways for men and women to meet. You can practice how to attract a man daily. Prolonged social contact, in addition to work on common projects and sharing a common office culture are all recipes for bringing people closer together.

Before pursuing such an office relationship, one should make sure that there are no legal obstacles. For example, dating a subordinate can lead to conflicts of interest which in the worst case scenario will land you in a lawsuit! Or making unwelcome and aggressive advances may result in a sexual harassment claim.

Signaling to men at the workplaceTheree are flirting tips for women at a workplace also. The pool of available people is naturally largest in a big company or big workplace environment where departments are integrated horizontally or vertically in the business cycle. In such an environment, there are chances for repeated exposure to the same people.

The two most important things for attracting a man under these repeated exposure conditions is two fold. One is that you should open up and increase your friendliness toward others. This signals a willingness to form new relationships in general, whether such relationships are romantic or not. The other is an explicit confirmation for men that you are indeed available.Opening upHow do you open up to people? You should attempt to initiate contact by looking at others as they pass, or when you are sharing space in a line or at a common area like the coffee room.

Too often we don’t even make eye contact, let alone give others a smile or time of day. Give it a shot. It will do wonders in getting others to open up and talk to you. Try to maintain an even tempered, positive attitude. There’s no need to be overly cheery, but an understanding, listening and communicative disposition will more likely than not attract others to you.Accepting social exchangesAccpeting social invitations is a flirting tip for women in itself. It’s quite easy to confirm that you are single and would be open to invitations by other men for dating and other out-of-office activities.

If you accept one or two invites to go out, or you let someone discreetly know that you are single, the information will inevitably percolate throughout your environment.Taking the romance outside workRomantic activities should be pursued and deepened outside the work environment. Don’t take your knowledge of how to attract a man too far in the workplace. Subtle and subdued flirtation is ok inside the office building, but can be misconstrued as obnoxious and pathological if it’s taken too far. What is too far of course, is what’s difficult to judge for many people.

Best you make a good friend at work who will be able to lend a more objective eye or a third voice as to whether your office flirtations have crossed the line or not. A full-on date may be too much, but you can suggest alternatives such as a quick coffee break at the local Starbucks that is two blocks from the office, or a trip together down to the copycenter to pick up your printed material.

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