Flirting Tips For Women On a Date

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The date

Flirting tips for women can be broken down into specific categories. On a date, there are particular things a woman can do to flirt. You are seated at a table for two in a fancy restaurant, across from a man with whom you have made a date. It is past the stage where strangers introduce themselves, and not yet past the courtship initiation stage. At this point, both parties continue trying to impress and attract each other. The flirting has moved from casual conversation to something more serious. It is more serious because now there are only the two of you, and all the things you do and say will be more noticeable, and subject to greater scrutiny. In addition, this period of time is a very valuable and even limited opportunity to make the best possible impression. In conveying this impression, your flirting must make clear that you are either interested or not interested in your date as a potential relationship.

Men are clueless, help them out!

A quandary for women is how to attract a man when he doesn’t understand your signals. Many women think that men will easily interpret their thoughts and desires because the women cannot imagine any other way to act. The truth is that everyone has their own way of non-verbal and verbal communication, which actually makes it quite difficult to convey subtle, emotional thoughts without uttering them directly. Speaking your mind can be too direct and forceful, although sometimes this is warranted. But to avoid misinterpretation of the verbal cues, a girl should also make sure that her other flirting signals are being broadcast properly in a date setting.

Prepare yourself for your date

If you are going on a first date that may lead to a potential relationship, and you are excited in furthering that relationship, it is absolutely vital that you gear up for the occasion in an appropriate manner. Sweat pants and sneakers may not cut it, unless the two of you are going for a jog together. Improper dress can be improperly interpreted. Wear something that is appropriate to the date, make sure you are well-groomed and fresh. When talking, keep in mind the importance of eye contact, smiling, and how you project your physical presence.

Guide a man to your intentions

Moreover, be ready to guide the man toward your intentions, because even if you know how to attract a man he may not understand you well. You may wish to prolong the courtship ritual, in which case prepare in mind how you should continue the night. Likely you would end it by going your separate ways, but make sure that you vocalize a suggestion that you are open to more dates. During your conversation that there is a balance to your flirtation. You want to strike a balance between excessive flirtation, which can scare away a man, and overly subdued flirtation, which can be misperceived as lack of interest. It is true, if you are too passive, a man may believe that he is being treated as not more than an acquaintance.

Make him feel special

Some important flirting tips for women is that you should make a man feel special. The idea that flirting distinguishes your interests from that of being a mere colleague to a man carries itself into double or group dates also. Make sure your treatment toward the man of interest does not become generic like the way you treat all others in the group. For example, you can pretend to confide in that man even while in a group, or maintain a closer distance to him. Otherwise, your intentions can be misconstrued as lack of interest.

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