Eyes and make-up tips to attract a man

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Eyes communicate thoughts silently

Important flirting tips for women include paying attention to her eyes cosmetically. Since the eyes are such an important communication tool, it is no surprise that a girl should ensure that her eyes are well-maintained. Some eye shadow and mascara can enhance your eyes. But the proper application of the make-up will depend on whether your eyes are deep set, wide set, close set or behind glasses. Yes, even if your eyes are behind glasses, you will have to spend time on them, in order to properly attract a man. Your conversational partner will be able to see your eyes clearly, and as such, you should take care of them and make them presentable as your eyes will do so much nonverbal communication.

Taking care of your eyebrows

The eyebrows are not part of your eyes, but they are quite important for framing and presenting your eyes. As mentioned before, the eyes are an important feature in how to attract a man. The eyebrows should be trimmed by careful waxing or removal with tweezers. Professional help should be sought for at least the initial eye brow reshaping. Bags under the eyes should also be treated with smoothening or exfoliating cream. Crowsfeet that develop near the corners of the eyes can make the eyes look more tired and the girl older. If this is not desired, a skin treatment can help smooth out the wrinkles.

Make-up tips for the eyes

No flirting tips for women is complete without mentioning make-up. Make-up will accentuate your eyes. To get the full effect of eye make-up, apply a little liquid foundation which will help the make-up blend. Use eye shadow for some dramatic shading, experiment with blending medium and dark colors. If you want to start slow, aim for a very subtle look. Enlist the help of a friend who will be honest with his or her opinion. But also trust your gut instincts with whether this is part of your personality or not. Finally, some eyeliner on the upper brow can help emphasize people whose eyes are not so deep set. A q-tip can work wonders to blend the liner into the shadow.

How to attract a man with your eyelashes

Don’t ignore your eye lashes, there are an essential part of the repetoire of flirting tips for women. A little bit of time can enhance the look of your eyes. Using an eye lash curler gives them a bit of personality and a healthy look. For people with thin lashes, there is a new product called latisse which is purported to thicken eyelashes. It requires an FDA prescription and comes in the form of a solution which is applied to the lashes. Over time, the solution acts on the follicular cells which are responsible for lash growth. The cells remain in a growth stage for a longer period than usual which gives rise to thicker and darker lashes.

The smile in your eyes

Finally, the girl should be aware that the eyes play a role in smiling. Paul Ekman, the UCSF pschologist who pioneered the usage of microexpressions to study emotional states, trains his students in recognizing smiles by the wrinkling of the outer corner of the eye during a true smile. A false smile lacks these microwrinkles, which can tip off a man that the smile is not genuine. Know how to attract a man by keeping this in mind so that you can go for a true laugh of smile, rather than a forced one that can be detected.