Dressed to attract

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Flirt-appropriate clothes

Flirting tips for women must encompass the issue of clothing. Like hair, clothing is one of those things that will stand out at a distance but also be very noticeable close up. Pay attention to your clothing to make sure it is flirt-appropriate. If you meet a guy who is in shorts and a t-shirt at a wine and cheese gathering, how comfortable would you feel? Some people might find it quirky and neat, but likely more will find it slightly inappropriate or perhaps off-putting in the incongruence.

Balance comfort and style

Another flirting tip for women is that you should not over-sacrifice your comfort for your appearance. Putting on clothing that is too tight or shoes that don’t fit your feet can leave you worrying about your clothing or in such a state of discomfort that you’re unable to concentrate on engaging others in conversation. For example, things like very high heels can be dangerous if you are planning on doing lots of walking. Your orthopaedic surgeon will probably also tell you that such high heels can lead to back problems in the future. But to be fair, heels are one of those things that many girls can’t do without. Heels make a woman look taller, but perhaps as importantly, they accentuate the length of the leg by raising the height of the hips.

Aim for a good mix of mid to high-price items that you can swap around to create the right look for many scenarios. When shopping, bring either a good friend who can give some advice on your choices or head to a store where someone you trust works. Unfortunately, it’s not in the interest of most store employees to give you the truth, either because they can’t give you the personal attention or they are eager to make a commission off your sale. Remember that there are two things to aim for: high fashion and comfort!

Fragrance evokes strong emotions in men

Want to know how to attract a man through one of the senses? Scent is also one of the major senses which can evoke very strong emotional associations. This is why there is so much money poured into buying perfumes, eau de toilettes, and cosmetic products with enhanced scents. Like with your clothing, it is wise to invest in a small repetoire of scents that you can rotate for maximizing effects and preventing any one from becoming too blase. Laurice Rahme, an industry expert from Lancome, said “We are all working people, we want different fragrances because you want a different wardrobe for what you are doing. You don’t dress the same way if you are going jogging or going to work.”

The three scents in any good perfume

There is no need to spend money on the top scents. Research shows that it is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between a very expensive perfume and a less expensive one that smells pleasant. But it is important to stay away from the very cheapest. A good perfume will have three scents that develop in succession over time. The first noticeable scent is known as the top note and is immediately discernible. The middle note is detectable within an hour. And the final, the dry down, is the long term scent that develops after an hour of contact with the wearer’s body. Good perfumes possess the triple scent because of essential oils that interact with the skin.

Conserve your scent power

Scent is a powerful tool in knowing how to attract a man. Because scent is such a powerful evoker of memories, use your perfumes to your advantage. Use them less liberally when you are not in your flirting mood. Pay extra attention to the scent you use when you are flirting.

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