Confidence and speaking

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Create confidence and intrigue

Learning how to attract a man requires you to have successful interactions with a man. A successful interaction means that he’s intrigued by you, would like to follow up getting to know you better, and is pleased by your presence. The key to successful interaction is a mixture of many things, amongst which is confidence. Confidence doesn’t mean arrogance or aloofness. It merely means that you are comfortable with who you are, and are ready to deal with unexpectedness or unforseen challenges flung your way. While confidence stems from the inside, your physical appearance has an impact on how people perceive that confidence. If you can cultivate the image of confidence, then it will have a positive impact on your ability to attract men.

Proper dress equals confidence

Dressing a certain way gives confidence to some people and can only help in how to attract a man. If we look good, we will feel good about ourselves. Some women don’t realize that they could really improve the way they dress and the make-up they use. Find a good friend and ask if you can get an objective opinion on how you look. Failing that, hire yourself a style consultant who will evaluate you for how you can improve your looks. A consultant wants to make money of course, so take all paid advice with a grain of salt. In particular, you must find it comfortable to yourself whether you can act on the advice of someone else.

Straighten up your posture

It’s not quite enough to dress confident. You should also carry yourself with confidence. Holding your neck straight and your head high, with a slight upward tilt to your face gives you an air of confidence. Psychologists have found that this subtle display of superiority actually has positive effects on others. Others are more inclined to listen and talk to you.

Control your voice

Speaking confidently is a key part of being confident. To do so, you need to be aware of how your voice sounds and carries to others. If necessary, train your voice so that it projects, without it being excessively loud. You should use the speed of speech to your advantage. Neither speak too quickly or too slowly. Are you able to respond to other people in a confident way? For example, if someone says something demeaning about you, do you lash out or simmer in anger? The confident woman who knows how to attract a man is already self-assured in her personality, work, future goals. She would be barely affected by negative remarks. It is important to cultivate this inner sense of confidence that will strengthen your outer display.

Practice, practice, practice

To further enhance your confidence in speaking, practice conversations in which you engage the other person. When talking, keep eye contact to about 70% of the time. More than that, you will come off as strange and fixating. Less than that you will be labeled timid and unconfident. You need to respond to what others are saying. A slight nod every once in a while will indicate your continued interest. Mirror the other person’s language. If the other person is angry, respond in kind by showing that you understand the indignance.

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