Up-to-date information on courtship

HowtoAttractaMan.net was made to communicate my experiences in understanding the psychology and dynamics of how men are drawn to women. I made an effort to study personal experiences of me and my girl friends, of reading into popular literature and scientific journals, to build up a cohesive picture of what women can do to attract men. You’ll find articles not only on meeting and flirting with men, but also detailed information on how to prepare yourself psychologically, physically, and what things to watch out for during courtship.

Relevant in the 21st century

In the age of the internet, with dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony, PlentyofFish, springing up everywhere, the avenues for meeting men have increased dramatically. But this does not make the next step any less important: holding onto a good lead and strengthening your relationship with him.

No detail unturned

Articles are wide-ranging, from how to dress for success, to how to use your eyes during the stage of of flirting. The process of attracting a man begins far before meeting any actual men, and continues until the relationship becomes stable and persistent.

Are you looking forĀ concrete guidelines on flirting?

Flirting is a subtle art that requires experience, patience, and practice. It also helps to understand a man’s point-of-view of flirting.

Learn what to say, and how to act or react to a man’s response.

Learn skills to recover from embarrassing situations.